Various Mistakes you do During Job Hunt and How to Fix Them

Finding a job is one of the most stressful activities in a person’s life. This is particularly difficult if what you are looking for requires a certain level of experience or if it does not meet all the requirements.
If you have sent hundreds of applications, if you have participated in dozens of interviews and have not yet been successful (or worse, have not spoken), the labour market is perhaps not “tense.” You want a good job and blaming your situation won’t do you any good.
If that’s your case, it’s time to see what you’re doing wrong. Here are 8 reasons why you don’t get involved in the construction, engineering or environment sectors.

You are not in-network

There is a saying that says your network is your net worth. It is as true today as it always has been. Although the advent of the Internet has greatly facilitated the search for new opportunities, it still cannot avoid human interactions.
Attend network events and talk to people who work in the company you want to work for. Building a relationship with people who have access to what you want can never go wrong. Network events have an incredible value associated with them due to the connections that can be made. Do not stop talking only to people who work in the company of your dreams. Talk to everyone who goes there. Becoming an expert in interacting with others is never too much and you can find even better opportunities than you originally had.

You don’t know how to sell yourself

Many people apply a negative connotation to the sale. They consider the sale to be greedy and unreliable. This is wrong because everyone sells something all the time. Whether you are in an interview, meeting or negotiating a salary increase, you are selling to the other person why you should get what you want.
You must be clear and confident in what you transmit, both in your resume and in the interview. Employers want to know that you really have the skills and knowledge to improve their business and projects.

Your resume does not describe measurable achievements

It may be something you’ve heard before. When employers decide who to participate in their team, they are impressed by the evidence of their skills. This test comes in the form of specific and measurable results they have obtained.
It is not enough to say that “it helped an organization get more sales or finish a project.” You have to use analysis and numbers when you talk about what you have achieved. Saying that “increases your sales by 38% every quarter” is not only more credible, but stands out from the hiring manager as someone who can give them success.

You show a lack of interest in the job.

I have understood I would prefer to work elsewhere and do something different so that I am not enthusiastic about doing something else. This is dangerous because employers may feel a lack of interest.
It’s hard to simulate enthusiasm for something you don’t care about. If you think you will not appreciate your role or your business, do not request it there. This will save you and you time to interview and show disinterest.

You didn’t do your homework

One of the most frequently asked questions during interviews is why you want to work for the company. Especially if you play a role related to sales, they want to see you do the job even before you start.
Research the business as if it were a potential customer to whom you would have to make a sale. Then, when the time comes to answer this question, you can confidently answer what you have learned about the company and why it impresses you. You can also respond with confidence how you will add value to the business.

You don’t have the qualifications

This is hard to move. Sometimes it is difficult to have the necessary qualifications required by employers. Just remember that your desire is to see that you know how to do the job in question, do it well or that you can learn it quickly.
There are ways to manoeuvre around that. Let’s say you are applying for a job in the sale. They want you to have 3 years of experience, but you only have one year of
You can explain the measurable results you have achieved by working on the company’s projects. If you have worked for yourself, you can show them the results you have achieved and this distinguishes you as an attacker.

You don’t leave so confident

Interviews are a challenge for anyone who does not have the best personal oral skills. It is likely to be as conversational as possible when surrounding people you have known for a long time. You could even be sure in an event surrounded by people you have not yet met.
In the interview room, it doesn’t matter. It is up to anyone who wants to hire someone who gets results. If you go with sweaty hands, weak knees and heavy arms, then you will know what to work next time to get the job.
The key here is practice. The best practice is one in which you train. Therefore, if you have several interviews, you will feel comfortable. If you can’t do that, you can practice in front of a mirror or with a friend. However, do not write the answers and try to memorize them. This will make you depend on these specific problems. If you ask different questions, you will be nervous because you are not prepared. Just practice and get used to the feeling of interviewing.

You come as planned

There is a line of demarcation between confident and arrogant. You must show the employer that you can do the job, but do not pretend that you have the right to do it.
Here are some things to keep in mind if you don’t have the opportunity to get the job you want. Now that you have an idea of ​​the mistakes you could make, take responsibility for learning from these mistakes. It is up to you to change your situation.

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