How to Install Tweakbox on iPhone or iPad devices

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TweakBox is a mobile application installer that can be downloaded to an iPhone, iPad or Apple device. The installation of TweakBox offers users access to applications that are not available in the App Store of the device.

Many TweakBox applications are original applications that have been modified or customized according to the user’s preferences. Since TweakBox includes these applications in the software, the installation of the applications on the device is very simple.

TweakBox offers games, emulators, detergents and more. In the past, a jailbreak was more likely to add specific applications to your device. However, if you use the following instructions, we will not jailbreak the device. Instead of using Cydia to install some applications, just install your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

One of the most popular TweakBox downloads is Kodi. Click on the following link to know how to install Kodi on your iPhone or iPad:

The following step-by-step guide shows how to install TweakBox on an iPhone XS. However, the same steps will work if they are installed on an iPad.

(The following steps may be different from other versions of iOS). In this tutorial, I am using iOS 12.1.

How to Install TweakBox

1: On your iPhone, iPad, or Android Device, go to

2: Click Install Now

click install now

3: When prompted, select Allow

select allow

4: This will open your Settings to Allow Installation. Click Install

click install

5. If required, enter your Pass code to Continue

enter passcode

6: When prompted, Click Install again

click install again

7. Click Done

click done

8: Return to the home screen and open the app


Installation is now complete.

Appvalley for iOS and Android devices

How to use TweakBox

As mentioned earlier, many applications provided in TweakBox are not available on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. There are 4 different categories to choose from. These include: Appstore, TweakBox applications, modified apps, and hacked apps.

Many applications in TweakBox require that they allow “unknown developer applications”. We can do this by relying on the developer to configure our phone. The following steps explain how to proceed on an iPhone or an iPad:

  • Open the configuration
  • Click General
  • Select profiles and device management
  • Click the text under the enterprise application.
  • Click Trust
  • When prompted, click Confirm again.
  • After changing these settings, you can freely and easily use all installed applications.

TweaBox has more than 2000 applications saved, divided into 4 categories. These are AppStore, Tweakbox applications, optimized applications and hacked games.

The first option titled “Apps Appstore” indicates the applications available in your App Store but at a price. With this category, you do not have to pay for downloads, but you can enjoy them for free.

The Applications TweakBox category contains a variety of applications that are not found in other application stores. These include emulators, streaming applications such as Kodi and Popcorn Time, and so on. Most applications in this category are tools that you can use to clean or improve your device. If you install some, you can run your iPhone or iPad at full speed.

The Modified Applications section contains the applications that you can find in the application stores, which have been modified to enhance the user experience. Articles such as Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and others are available, but with changes to improve.

If you like games, the category Hacked games suits you perfectly. It is full of games and game versions that you can not find in Apple or Google App Store. To use this section, iOS 9 or less must be installed on the device.

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