TutuApp iOS for iPhone and iPAD

TutuApp iOS has over a million apps available on iOS platforms, but Apps that are better in their own genre is usually paid for. It would be nice if we downloaded these incredibly paid Apps for free on our iOS devices. I will show you how to download free paid applications by downloading TutuApp for iOS.

With TutuApp, all paid applications in the App Store can be downloaded for free and installed on your iOS devices. Not only the games but also a variety of themes and wallpapers are available for free download. Then download TutuApp for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices after you have learned their features and the installation process.

TutuApp for iOS

TutuApp Helper is a free support system for iOS that is compatible with Android and Windows operating systems. With the TutuApp installer you can download our favourite applications through a secure port. TutuApp for iOS can be installed on jailbreak devices and non-jailbreak devices. However, the number of Apps you can use on devices without imprisonment is limited. Therefore, we recommend jailbreaking your iPhone / iPad before installing TutuApp Helper for iOS devices. First, know the most wonderful features. If you have an Android device, you can download TutuApp APK and start installing cracked games on your Android device.

Features of TutuApp for iPhone, iPad.

  • Compared to other iOS app stores, TutuApp has the largest database of Jailbroken and Non JailBroken devices
  • The most valuable and significant thing is that it makes all applications available for free. Downloading and installing the tutu program is very simple and easy. The application also offers a free review.
  • It has all the programs you want, games, wallpapers, themes and more.
  • Available for unlocked and unlocked iOS devices.
  • It acts as a memory optimizer, deletes all unwanted files and data and keeps the device clean and optimized.
  • It also provides special tools for battery management, the calendar and a backup tool.

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How to Install TutuApp For iOS

The tutu application is available for free and does not need to be reviewed at the beginning of the application. It’s a Chinese application, but in the latest update, the creators added English.

There are two different types: TutuApp Helper and TutuApp VIP.
Download it under both conditions of jailbroken and unjailbroken device.
The iOS device used must be higher than iOS 7+ to run the latest version of TutuApp.

Loading and installing the tutu application is very simple and straightforward. Just follow the instructions below to complete the download process. However, TutuApp VIP is a paid application, while Tutu App Helper is available for free. We recommend that you use Tutu App Helper, although the other one is almost the same.

Download TutuApp For iOS

Download TutuApp for iOS
Version: 1.6.1
License: Free
File Size: 18.12 MB
File Type: .ipa
iOS Version: iOS 7+

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