The interruption of recruitment with independent service providers is very necessary

If you are a doctor, engineer or some type of professional, managing your digital professional network is quite simple, thanks to the online job portals. Building professional relationships and planning the next step across your career has never felt empowering.
On the other hand, the digital revolution seems to have gone well beyond independent service providers such as servers, forklift operators, carpenters, and so on.
This is despite the fact that the economy of the concert economy in the United States. UU. In 2015, it exceeded $ 792 billion.
The biggest problem for these people or these independent contractors is to identify, search for and obtain a steady stream of contract work; but the main job portals ignore them and focus mainly on professionals.
How ISPs have arrived so far
Until now, service providers have relied heavily on different types of networks to advance their careers:
  1. Suggestions or references from parents.
  2. Tips from friends
  3. Social networks need to be informed about developments in nearby areas or regions
  4. Maintenance of digital portfolios on various service websites
  5. And using the connections of a personnel company.
    However, these techniques have their own drawbacks: ISPs tend to find days or weeks of inactivity between successive jobs; some service seekers tended to change the terms of compensation in the middle of a job or after it was performed; a service provider had to wait for a thorough background check to be completed before being hired for a new job; and the relatively large expenses necessary to place ads on service websites.
The change in the expectations of the service seeker
But the biggest obstacle facing ISPs is the changing expectations of a digital society.
Until a few years ago, service seekers tended to use the services of their friendly plumber or neighbourhood electrician.
Opinions about them were formed based on experiences or physical interactions while their services were being used.
But the digital revolution, which has given dozens of plumbers or electricians access at the touch of a button, has broken these physical interactions and replaced them with the personal or historical details of an ISP. His reputation, his evaluations, and his critics have been analyzed. in several online. service platforms
In the meantime, Business Service Applicants have maintained their approach in forming partnerships with recruiting companies and checking the track record of Internet Service Providers each time.
A check dam of antecedents
As a result, ISPs are currently required to adapt to a dynamic recruitment process without much help.
No policy allows them to manage a single universally accepted background check certificate, which can be periodically updated to serve as proof of their credentials.
For example, consider the Social Security Number (SSN). A social security number serves as an authorized method of identification for tax and medical purposes. In other words, a person does not have to prove his / her identity, income history, sex, place of birth, etc., at each tax exemption or use of health services.
So, why can not an ISP perform a thorough background check, register it, and then reuse it later if necessary? This not only greatly simplifies the hiring process, but significantly reduces the time between two successive tasks.
The messy world of maintaining a reputation
In recent years, the dynamic world of new businesses and technology services has finally decided to fill the obvious void: an employment portal entirely focused on non-professionals. The ISPs first reacted positively to the series of job portals that had been opened to them.
But that quickly became a kind of nightmare.
ISPs must now optimize their profiles on a dozen different platforms by satisfying different algorithms, maintaining a good reputation, being active and easily accessible, responding quickly to any new comments and overcoming the inevitable criticisms/misjudgments of competitors.

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