How To Relocate To Canada In 2023-Canada has been seeing an influx of immigrants in recent years and this is because of the relaxed immigration policy the country has and also the benefits that comes with living and working in Canada.


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  1. Kabala

    Hi am kabala Chibwe from Zambia and want to relocate to Canada to work.

    • Solomon Desalegn Gebiresilassie

      Canada is the most preferable country to live and to work there. So, I want to get visa of canada because I am very impressive to live and work in it.

  2. First of all I thanks
    I’m interested work in Canada

    • Nesredin Mustefa

      Hello How are you, I’m Nasir Must
      live in Ethiopia I’m 25 Year oldย  I have studied till class 12.ย  I graduated from high school.ย  I don’t have any mental or physical problems,
      I am interested in doing any unskilled kind of work.I am ready.Please hire me.ย  Thank you so much

      • Sulaiman Salim Turay

        I am in Sierra Leone I want to relocate in Canada

        • Biru Fekadu

          hello my name is Biru Fekadu.i’m Governmental Organization employer.but i went to develope my please receive my CV.

  3. In my thinking this way is good to brilliant students because in this time learning is very essential to our life.

    • Tadesse Tamirat

      Hi,My name is Tadesse Tamirat! I’m from Ethiopia I don’t have any work problem I have been employee of Commercial Bank here in Ethiopia for seven years but,I’m so excited if I come your country thanks.

  4. Mekdes Adugna

    Hi am Mekdes Adugna from Hosanna,Ethiopia
    I want to learn in Canada

  5. Hey am Mekdes Adugna from Ethiopia and want to relocate to Canada to study

  6. Hi am Mekdes Adugna from Ethiopia and want to relocate to Canada to study

  7. Yohannes

    I am registered and licensed nurse in Ethiopia

  8. Hi am tibelat tasfaye I am from Ethiopia please help ๐Ÿ™ want to Canada

    • Solomon Desalegn Gebiresilassie

      My name is solomon desalegn. I am from Ethiopia. I have been working in a private company. I am very intersting to work and live in canada.

  9. I was graduated from jimma university with
    masters of inorganic chemistry in CGPA of 3.82 2023 G.C .Iโ€™m a young graduate
    who is agree to get a job and be committed to accomplish all duties interested to
    me with honest and learning responsibility.
    It is with a high-level of interest that I submit my application for the position of
    Chemistry Teacher. My effective pedagogy and ability to connect with students
    make me the perfect candidate for the Chemistry Teacher position at Upton
    Learning Center.

  10. Chala Getachew Enjigu

    My name is chala
    I’m from ethiopian and i want to relocated to canada to work
    I’m verry interested.

  11. Hi I am Abdulai Bah from Sierra Leone, I want to work and relocate to Canada.

  12. Hi I am Abdulai Bah from Sierra Leone, I want to relocate to Canada.

  13. I well to developing canada.

    • My name is Desta Abera
      I live in Ethiopia
      i want to Canada I’m interested work in Canada

  14. I am from Ethiopia.i need to help from embbasy of canada

  15. Hello I from Ethiopia I am very enterest travil to canada

  16. Siknesh

    I am from Ethiopia I need to work and live in canada I ask your support please

  17. Ashebir Desalegn

    Helo i am ashebir from Ethiopia and i am very interested to go canada .

  18. This opportunity is golden opportunity for foreigners thank you so much

  19. Solomon Eyob

    I am interested

  20. Solomon Eyob

    Thank you for this chance i am willing to work in canada .

  21. Surafel alemu

    Hi i am surafel alemu i want to Cheng my life by going to canada to work hard

  22. Hi! Iam solomon eyob delighed to work in canada specially in faming.Thanks early!!

  23. Daniel

    Interested in work Canada ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ

  24. Yisehak Degu

    Hey! I am very pleased to use this chance. I was graduated in Bsc of Mechanical Engineering.

  25. Dear Sir,

    We need to apply for your scholarship to relocate to Canada.

  26. Hello . I want to work with u .

  27. Negash Geleta

    I want to work Canada

  28. meka Umer


  29. Hamza kiyar


  30. meka Umer


  31. Hailemariam Fitsum

    Hello, Diameter.from Ethiopia band I need to work in canada

  32. Shshay

    Hi,I am from Addis Ababa ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡นEthiopian band Unwanted to go band work at Canada so please help me

  33. Ghirmay Teklemariam

    I want to work with you .

  34. I can’t get the Ruth site pls help me

  35. Joshua M Nanoh

    Joshua M Nanoh

  36. Hie l’m interested to work in Canada

  37. Melesew aligaz

    Thanks for giving this opportunity

  38. Degefa Merdasa Lemesa

    I need to relocate to canada

  39. Degefa Merdasa Lemesa

    My name is Degefa merdasa Lemesa.
    My educational back ground is BA in accounting & finance.
    MBA in business Administration
    I have been working in the bank since January 20,2015
    Now I need relocate to Canada for work.
    Please invite me & responsor me.
    Thank you
    I need your immediate via my email or phone

  40. Okay , please ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™ help me get job in mining industry.

  41. Christina Alemu

    I want to apply for Canada work

  42. I’m highly interested if it’s is legal
    I want to work in Canada
    And I want to become a Canadian citizen
    Please help me in an orphan I have no one to help me
    I’m struggling a lot

  43. I’m from Sierra Leone
    West Africa

  44. My name is Abebe Gota Goshu my educational background is BSC in Animal healthy &BA degree in Fure Management i. M working in vetrinary since ten years still known &managing privet organization in poultry farm.i.m intersted canda to lives &work.

  45. Ivy salimu

    Ivy salimu I’m interested to work in Canada

  46. I have Bachar degree in accounting from Kigali
    Independent university

  47. Hello dear , my name is Milion Amare Miesa I am from Ethiopia, Iam health professional,currently I am working at governmental organizations , I need work in canada in my profession if I got this chance.

  48. Hello dear , my name is Milion Amare Miesa I am from Ethiopia,Iam health professional currently I am working at governmental organizations , if I got this chance I want to live in Canada and work .

  49. Hy my name is Abdi abera from Ethiopia ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡น I want to live in Canada ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ and work.

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