Many Canadian universities are known for their inclusivity and efforts to accommodate international and immigrant students. The affordability of education for immigrants will vary based on numerous factors, such as residency status, the chosen program of study, and the specific institution.

Here are some universities that are known for being relatively more affordable:

1. **Memorial University of Newfoundland**: This university often has the lowest tuition fees for both Canadian and international students among Canada’s top-ranked institutions.

2. **University of New Brunswick**: Known for its welcoming environment for immigrants and reasonable tuition fees.

3. **Brandon University**: This university in Manitoba offers affordable tuition and is known for its diverse student population.

4. **Universit√© de Saint-Boniface**: As Manitoba’s French-language university, this institution offers relatively low tuition rates for its programs.

5. **University of Prince Edward Island**: This university, while not the cheapest, still provides competitive tuition fees compared to many other Canadian universities.

6. **Concordia University of Edmonton**: This is one of the most affordable universities in Western Canada.

Remember, aside from tuition fees, there are other costs to consider, such as living expenses, books, and supplies. Additionally, many institutions offer financial aid, scholarships, and bursaries to international students to help offset these costs. It’s also recommended to verify the latest information since the situation might have changed after my training data.

You may need to consider the immigration policies and their impact on tuition fees as well. For example, permanent residents often pay domestic fees, while temporary residents (such as those on a student visa) usually pay international student fees, which are considerably higher than others.

Please consult with the admissions office of the universities you’re interested in, as well as immigration advisors, to understand the current rules, costs, and any potential financial aid you might be eligible for and apply accordingly.

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